Silver Laced Wyandotte


Wyandotte’s are a favorite amongst backyard flock owners for their dependable egg laying, easy going nature, hardiness, and the great variety of beautiful feather patterns available. Wyandotte hens are excellent broodies and make very good mothers. They are gentle and elegant birds that are very social and vocal, often clucking softly just to say “hi” or remind you that it is “time for their treats”! Wyandotte’s have a heavy body, clean legs and a small rose comb. This robust and cold hardy breed is relatively easy to care for; a great decision for first time chicken buyers and those wanting a dependable winter egg layer. Wyandotte’s will thrive in free range situations and will also adapt well to confined environments. They lay an average of 220 nicely shaped light brown eggs (often speckled in white) per year. Mature males weigh an average of 9 pounds with the females weighing an average of 6 1/2 pounds. They are a dual purpose bird and their attractive "curvy" shape, sweet disposition and consistent ability to lay make them a good choice for fanciers as well as farmers.


Our Silver Laced Wyandotte’s are some of the most striking birds we have here at the ranch. All who see them gawk at their beauty and immediately want to know if we have any "available"! They are incredibly sweet and will not hesitate to come and eat from your hand! All our birds have gorgeous, crisp, clean lacing. These are definitely not your average hatchery Wyandottes! We continue to strive to produce show potential birds that adhere to the APA standard. These birds are an excellent choice for exhibition, and a fantastic choice for your 4-H, F.F.A. or A.P.A. sanctioned shows.

Silver Laced Wyandotte Chick price- $20.00